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With the official Dumb and Dumber sequel, Dumb and Dumber To, just around the corner, fans are breathing a sigh of relief in knowing that the Farrelly brothers are doing things right, by bringing back Carrey and Daniels. Thus once and for all ending the cycle of making sequels to Jim Carrey movies without JC himself. A quick look back at all the times they've done this, will remind you of just how poorly it can all go.

1) Dumb and Dumberer - Sequel to: Dumb and Dumber

Rotten Tomato rating - 10% (54% less than the original)

Setting the film in high school, they made this film a prequel to get around the obvious misstep of not bringing on the duo that MADE the original what it was. Fans weren't fooled.

2) Evan Almighty - Sequel to: Bruce Almighty

Rotten Tomato rating - 23% (25% less than the original)

"Hey, remember that minor character with that one funny scene? Isn't he really famous now? Let's just re-do the film but with him....let's go with...I dunno, something like a Noah story...or whatever. Script? Just slap something together."

3) Son of the Mask - Sequel to: The Mask

Rotten Tomato rating - 6% (71% less than the original)

I'd comment on this film, but I didn't see it...and neither did you.

4) Ace Ventura Jr - Pet Detective - Sequel to: Ace Ventura 1, Ace Ventura 2

Rotten Tomato rating - Not Rated Yet.

From the bizarre trailer this film looks like it's suffering from an identity crisis, I don't know who this film is suppose to be for? Children? Fans of the original two movies? The lead character is a kid, that I believe is suppose to be a distant relative of the know what, it doesn't matter. You know it's terrible.

5) Batman and Robin - Sequel to: Batman Forever

Rotten Tomato Rating - 11% (30% less than the preceding film)

Okay, this isn't really a Jim Carrey movie, but I just wanted a nice round top "5" to pad out the list. But this film, IS technically a sequel to Batman Forever, since it's set in the same Schumacher universe, and there's even a reference to Carrey's Riddler in the evidence locker scene. And it's pretty much agreed upon that the film was a significant drop in quality since it is, you know, the film that ruined the franchise for nearly ten years.

What do you think? [Dumb and Dumber To](movie:293924) look more promising than the films above?


Which is the WORST sequel made without Jim Carey?

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