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I love writing, musical composition, and animation.

I'm back! I'm making trailer remakes again! Now I've joined the JoBlo network, so I'll be making these more often. The show on JoBlo is called "8-bit Trailers", but some of the trailers are 16-bit, like this one.

When I made the 8-bit trailer for The Force Awakens, I made a conscious decision not to use any sprites from the Super Star Wars games, since it seems like they're a little overused. (mostly by Dorkly) But when I saw the Rogue One Trailer, I was eager to use them.

I also based the look of the dialogue boxes on the menus of the Super Star Wars games. (the blue border, the gradient yellow/orange text, etc.) I even took some character sprites here and there from the Indiana Jones SNES game. A couple of Nazis became rebels. Isn't that ironic?

During action sequences in trailers, I try to piece together how it would look at the same speed but without any cuts. The reason I do that is to make it look more like uninterrupted gameplay.

I love to hide little easter eggs here and there and see if the people in the comment sections notice.

The shot of the man in the white cape in front of the planet display above the reflective floor is the first shot I did for this, and seeing how it turned out, It's one of my favorite images I've put together.

This trailer marks the first time I imported the actual footage into the visual effects program to sync up the timing. This kinda seems like it would be a no-brainer, but in earlier trailers I did it blindly, counting out the timing in my head of everything that happened. It was tedious. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. I started building the shots on top of the footage in this one, and it works every time. I'm new at this, but i think that's what's fun about it. I'm figuring it out as i go.

Do you have a suggestion for what trailer i should do next? Leave me a suggestion!

If you want to get updates on my latest projects, I have a Facebook page called Motion Fiction Media where I post updates, screenshots, music, and other art.

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