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I have a love for Dc and Marvel and have a strong passion for Batman come and join me as I share my opinion on movies TV and more

In the 1990's Producer Bruce Timm and Eric Radomski came up with a animated show originally called The Adventures of batman and robin was showed on fox in 1992 and was a success with Good cop/Bad cop Kevin Conroy as the batman and Jedi knight as The Criminally insane Joker the series was and is still a huge success but all things have flaws but this has not got too many some episodes were well not spot on like for example an episode with mr freeze around series 4-3 it said that mr freeze's body was dying he could survive but with a cost. He had to get rid of his body and live in his suit which is odd but there is times when they got it right on target such as Mad love (the Origin of Harley Quinn) and Over the Edge (Gordon finds out Barbara is Batgirl after her death) and so I collecting Data by watching series one to four I have to say gladly this idea was most defiantly a Hit! -Moxey

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