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It's a question that many have asked themselves, their friends, and family members. As well as other acquaintances within the horror community. Could I? Could you? Could we? Survive a Zombie Apocalypse?! With 'The Walking Dead' being the hottest thing on TV right now, and more and more people getting "bitten" by the Zombie-genre-bug... it's a question that seems to come up more and more in the online geek community. But what about Non-Humans? Like for example... Disney characters such as Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, and the gang? Could they survive a potential zombie apocalypse if it struck their fictional world?

It's a 1 in a billion chance that ALL of them would make it. In any scenario where a threat just appears one morning and quickly overthrows the globe, you have to account for those who just wouldn't see it coming. Until it was too late! And of course, those too slow-a-foot to really escape the invading zombie hordes. Personality traits, and what if anything is at their disposal... plays a key role as well. Compiling a list of least likely survivors and most likely survivors wasn't an easy task, but I managed to do it. So without further ado, here are the top 10 LEAST likely, and MOST likely - Disney Characters to survive a Zombie Apocalypse should it strike the Magic Kingdom.


10. Beast (Beauty and The Beast)

  • His weakness for his beloved Belle would be his downfall. He either falls apart emotionally thinking she's dead. Or his search for her would lead to a reckless state of being. Upon which he'd be surprised by a Walker or pack of Walkers.

9. Robin Hood

  • When he runs out of arrows, he's pretty much a goner. Then there's the big question... would he have the balls to "put down" one of his "Band Of Merry Men" should they get bit? Most likely... No.

8. Prince Eric (Little Mermaid)

  • Those of wealth, royalty, and means generally search for others to do their work for them. He wouldn't last too long without the trappings of his normal life. Such as food, drink, silk sheets, etc. If he isn't eaten by zombies, he most likely kills himself in the woods somewhere.

7. Tarzan

  • Too much exposed skin, and the trademark battle cry would make him short work in a zombie apocalypse.

6. Quasimodo (The Hunchback Of Notredame)

  • Too Naive and nice to survive a zombie apocalypse for long. Also is a deformed hunchback. If the zombies don't kill him, the bad humans will for a variety of different reasons.

5. Prince Phillip (Sleeping Beauty) -

  • Another member of "royalty" who undoubtedly without servants and staff, wouldn't last very long on his own under the worlds "new rules".

4. John Smith (Pocahantas)

  • Although somewhat brave, this is another character who would be done in by love. If Pocahantas got bit, would he be able to "do what needed to be done"? If he didn't know if she were still alive, or dead, would he be able to continue on by himself? Too many emotional questions.

3. Cinderella

  • For obvious reasons. Most of which being she's way too focused on daydreaming and her "beloved". She'd out last her rotten family no doubt, but daydreamers ten times outta ten end up zombie bait.

  • 2. Snow White

  • Spends too much time in the woods. Too trusting as well, remember the Poison Apple?


1. Bambi

  • A fawn, living in the woods, parents deceased, all alone? Unfortunately... that all adds up to NO CHANCE!

  Undead Mickey by AjonesA
Undead Mickey by AjonesA



10. Aladdin

  • Flying carpet, no problem. He can scoop up his girlfriend and his friends and fly to the highest peak of the Magic Kingdom. Above the Walkers. He can also offer to fly others to his shelter if they have something to contribute to the safe haven. Such as guns, food, medicine, etc. Of course... they'd have to be vetted first.

9. Mary Poppins

  • Another character with a flying device. Her Umbrella. She's also good at looking after children so any lost kids would be safe with her. Her smarts and ability to organize, would also come in handy in militarizing the children into a young army. Tough enough to battle walkers and other threats. Led by her of course, until they're old enough to strike out on their own.

8. Ariel

  • She's a Mermaid, when the s*it hits the fan, she can just jump back into the ocean and lay low until everything blows over. She's got everything she needs down there. Her friends, good music, she'll be fine.

7. Mr. Incredible (The Incredibles)

  • He's a superhero. In fact, the whole family are. They'd have the least to worry about, having cosmic powers and all. Of course, they still have to sleep like the rest of us. But the family can all take shifts staying up on guard duty.

6. Peter Pan

  • Although young, his ability to fly would come in handy. I doubt he'd have much trouble avoiding becoming Walker bait. After all, he did take down Captain Hook all by himself.

5. Captain Hook

  • Speaking of which, Hook would do well in this "new world" also. He's evil, which means he'll do what it takes to survive. Even if it means dumping his own men on land as Walker bait while he searches for food and supplies. Having a boat at his disposal, and a large crew aboard to keep it in tip top shape, is also a MAJOR plus. His hook hand would make for a nifty zombie killing tool as well.

4. Hercules

  • What is there to say really? Dudes SUPER STRONG. Could probably clear out a pack of 30 or so walkers just by uprooting a tree and using it as a makeshift baseball bat. Or bowling MASSIVE rocks down a hill at them.

3. Alice (Alice In Wonderland)

  • Like Ariel, when the zombie apocalypse begins... she can just pack for Wonderland and never return. The Zombies will never find her there. They couldn't fit through that small doorway anyways.

2. Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story)

  • Buzz is an Astronaut. His spacesuit, complete with helmet... protect him from being bitten by Walkers. And if things get TOO BAD... he can always just blast off into Outerspace.


1. Jack Skellington

  • He's EXTREMELY THIN, FLEXIBLE, AGILE AND ATHLETIC, and... HE'S NOT EVEN A FLESH AND BLOOD HUMAN! Also you have to consider his ahem.... "background and upbringing". What seems like a scary Zombie Apocalypse to us... would be just another day in the Neighborhood to Jack!

Obviously, many characters were left off of this list. So of those not included in either top 10... who do YOU guys give the Advantage or Disadvantage to, in Disney Characters surviving The Zombie Apocalypse?

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