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"We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing." Black Cloud Studious™ - independent game developer.

Daedalus is a thriller adventure hard sci-fi video game taking place in 2112 aboard the space station orbiting Venus. You play an astronaut aboard the Daedalus Space Station, a man plagued by prophetic nightmares of death and destruction. You tell yourself they are only dreams, but after the first crewmate dies… what will you tell yourself then?

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GENRE: Interactive Movie, Adventure.

Platforms: Windows, Linix Mac OS X.

Players: Single-player

Atmospherically, it is inspired by: Solaris (by Stanislaw Lem), The Invincible (by Stanislaw Lem), Echopraxia (by Peter Watts), 2001: A Space Odyssey (by Stanley Kubrick and Arthur Clarke), The Ego Tunnel (by Thomas Metzinger).


The game takes place in the hard sci-fi After Reset™ universe. In the 22nd century, several years before the "Reset" (a thermonuclear apocalypse that nearly ended human civilization), the crew aboard the Daedalus Space Station is eager to return home from a yearlong orbital exploration of Venus and Sun. Only thirty days remain until the next crew rotation, but Matt Cramer, an astronaut from the crew, begins to has unnatural dreams full of horrors that are about to become a reality.

Yet as the days count down to zero, strange events begin to unfold. Crewmates succumb to accidents or rumors of murder, communications go dark, and everyone grows increasingly on edge as conspiracy theories abound. Though help is on its way, you must survive long enough for it to arrive.


Throughout the game you will interact with six characters aboard the Daedalus Space Station, and below you’ll find an in-depth look at each of them (you can find out more about the characters through their BIOs and full-HD arts in our content updates on Patreon):

Hiroto Yoshida: JAXA, mission commander.
Hiroto Yoshida: JAXA, mission commander.
Matt Cramer: NASA, mission specialist (engineering science).
Matt Cramer: NASA, mission specialist (engineering science).
Jill Scott: NASA, mission specialist (biological science).
Jill Scott: NASA, mission specialist (biological science).
Lia Medvedeva: Roskosmos, mission payload specialist.
Lia Medvedeva: Roskosmos, mission payload specialist.
Eitan Levy: ISA, mission specialist (physical science).
Eitan Levy: ISA, mission specialist (physical science).
Ron Armentos: AES, mission pilot.
Ron Armentos: AES, mission pilot.

Game mechanics

The Daedalus game will emphasize story, character development, and relationships over puzzle solving. The story is affected by the player’s dialogue choices and actions during timed events that can often lead to some of the station’s components being lost or damaged. It’s also possible to uncover new research or knowledge of various threats under investigation, to affect the outcomes of certain characters being killed, as well as the player’s relationship with the crew and the way they perceive each other. The choices made by the player will carry over from episode to episode.

The visual style for the game will be like a graphic adventure similar to The Walking Dead Game and Heavy Rain, with painted 3d characters and environments, and a third-person perspective gameplay POV with a variety of cinematic camera angles.

Daedalus, Video Game: Main Menu
Daedalus, Video Game: Main Menu
Daedalus, Video Game: Loading
Daedalus, Video Game: Loading
Daedalus, Video Game: Dialogs
Daedalus, Video Game: Dialogs

Core features

  • Harsh emotional story: Each crewmember of the space station has the unique personality, background, story, desires and fears, friends and enemies on Earth. As one of them, you’ve worked with those people shoulder to shoulder for the last year between the blazing Sun and melting Venus, surrounded by the emptiness of space. With only thirty days left before you head home to Earth, something dark and older than the paleocortex takes your friends one after another. Something more dreadful than death itself, something that now leaks through your nightmares and envelops your reality by devouring everyone and everything that might escape from the station.
  • Realistic, hard sci-fi environment: Developed with scientific realism, the Daedalus Space Station represents the latest technologies of the XXII century, the Golden Age of united humanity in the After Reset setting. The environment, equipment, and lore of the game represent the traditions of hard science fiction and an emphasis on scientific accuracy or technical details. Details about the Sun, Venus, spacecraft, and living conditions aboard the space station have been worked out in consult with scientists and NASA's Reddit forum so we can bring you a plausible and realistic version of the future that awaits humanity.

Budget and timing

By pledging on the Daedalus Patreon you are helping to work us out the first 30-60 minutes of the game to return on the Kicstarter and Steam with demo build. In return, we are going to share the new content through regular monthly (or weekly) closed updates as well as to conduct votes and gather feedback to make the Daedalus live.

Your contribution as well as my time and the time of the people I hire is meant to be spent on the following stages:

1. Finalizing the Game Design for the whole game

  • completion of the DSS design (we need to allocate/engineer each module/nod of the station “what it is for, how it works, what’s inside, etc”; add the missing one or/and adopt the current parts);
  • clarification of the other real protocols for various events/behaviors like we did for that update (need to clarify real NASA protocols for possible/confirmed contact with alien forms of life, for possible/confirmed contamination by microscopic alien forms of life, for mental disorder of one of the crew, for mass mental disorder of the crew, for the mutiny, hallucinations, for loosing/getting broken parts of the station, for EVA operations, for quite intimate relationships aboard, etc.);
  • working out the introduction quests for each member of the crew (I’d like to give you the ability to play for each of the people to feel/know them closer, like it was in Heavy Rain, so that you really care about each of them);
  • drafting the architecture of storytelling connected to the roadmap of characters movements (this frame of the gameplay is assembled based on the items above).

2. Script and dialog writing for act one

  • major lines writing;
  • major dialogs writing;
  • major lore/gamplay writing;
  • minor lines writing;
  • minor dialogs writing;
  • minor lore/gamplay writing;

3. Staging and Animatics for act one

  • a lot of black and white paintings to stage the story and gameplay like those;

4. Modelling and GUI Design

  • prepare the list of 3d assets required based on the animatics;
  • model the assets required;
  • meanwhile, complete the final look of the GUI;

5. Programming All Together (first 30-60 minutes at least):

  • make the final decision for the visual style (either painted pseudo 3d or lowpoly 3d);
  • coding based on one of our two existing engines evolved;

6. Audio, Music and Voiceover (first 30-60 minutes at least):

  • ambient;
  • audio fx;
  • music;
  • dialogs voiceover.

As you can see, there is a hell of a lot of work ahead. I am keeping working on the Daedalus in my free time so I am sure that plan will take time. As well as money. So I decided to try to use Patreon to speed the process some way.

Thanks for your patronage and rooting, guys!

The Daedalus owes you its life.



P.S. Guys, btw, feel free to buzz me directly at [email protected] in case.

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