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Don't get me wrong. I don't truly believe the game requires saving because I still love it myself. I do, however, know that it has lost a lot of players since its launch and though it can bring them back now and again, it doesn't keep em. I feel like the gamers I met when this title first came out are nowhere to be found now and here I am, playing it consistently everyday. Maybe it's just me and the fact that this title appeals to my gaming desires a bit more than most others do, but I feel like with every update they issue, too much is changing. Update 1.6 is just around the corner and so is the third expansion we've been waiting for: The Last Stand. Even with my love/hate relationship with the constant changes, I'm still with it because I think this game is a hell of a lot of fun.

I do hear a lot of complaints from gamers I run into and I don't disagree with what most say about it. As I was playing a couple hours ago, I was thinking about a few things that I think would be awesome if they changed. If they have no problem changing various other aspects of the game, why not give a few of these a shot. Perhaps, one of these might just bring players back.

Get rid of the Daily Missions.


I find that the 'Daily Missions' have become rather tedious at this point. Don't get that confused with the 'Daily Assignments' though, those are still a pretty nice and rewarding feature that I still find useful. But the Daily Missions have got to go. I am getting sick of playing the same damn levels over and over again. I know this game requires a lot of repetition but I think there is so much more that can be done besides running the same old missions day after day. This is the kind of repetition that drove players away and there is definitely something else that can be done with these locations.

What about this:

Why not turn them into other bases of operations? In the story mode, we saved the location and took it over. Why not turn that place into another base, with all the same stuff as the main base, and get rid of the safe houses?

Why not have there be daily or weekly missions where the bases are under attack and we have to stop them? That would at least make it so it's not so repetitive and give something a little extra towards overall game play.

Replace the Special Ammo or get rid of it altogether.

One of the more fun things that have changed in the game with one of the updates was the downgrading of the Special Ammo feature. The 2 types of Special Ammo we used to have were Explosive and Incendiary bullets. They were pretty self explanatory in what they did but there came an issue to their use during PvP game play and they were down sized. Now, they do....nothing.


What is the point of having a bullet that is supposed to light someone on FIRE if nothing gets lit on fire?

Get rid of it, give it back it's power, or give us something else that would be worth it. Maybe another consumable for power ups or something. Anything.

Randomize Supply Drops outside the DZ

One of the more fun things to do in the dreaded 'Dark Zone' is look out for Supply Drops and try to get them before other agents do. Recently, an update added the concept of Supply Drops outside the DZ but it only happens twice a month. Supply Drops in the DZ happen every hour. I think adding more supply drops outside the DZ would give players a bit more incentive to log on daily. I'm not saying take them fully out of the DZ, but maybe give us like 4 or 5 drops that are random instead of 2 with predetermined dates.


Perhaps daily drops that happen only once for a short time and you have to be on in order to get it. I think that would keep players on for a bit longer just to see if they make a drop. You could even replace Daily Missions in the Weekly Assignments. Instead of 10 daily missions(which drives me nuts) what about successfully retrieve 4 or 5 supply drops? Something like that, I feel, would definitely add a new level to the game completely.

Make HVT's more important

When they added the concept of the 'High Valued Target' I went nuts running them. Going to safe houses, checking the situation boards, gathering Intel, and hunting them down. When it was first introduced, it was killer. Now, it's kind of fizzled out. There's nothing really wrong with the idea honestly, it just needs more to it. Right now, they just sit there, waiting for you to not have anything else to do so you can run them. I barely care about them anymore. Maybe adding the HVT's to daily or weekly assignments might make them seem more important or at least involve them in something.

Let's take 2 ideas now for a second and put them together. Right now, the daily assignments is limited to 4 goals, and that was a bump up from 3 a day. The weekly assignments have always had 4 goals and they have high numbers to reach in order to achieve them. What if, we took out the 10 daily missions from the weekly assignment, added supply drops AND HVT's and gave the weekly chart 5 goals to reach? We could even add HVT's to the daily's since they have them separated that way as well. You could even put a section for HVT's in the DZ. Why not? There's named characters in there. Why not restrict it to rogues? There's definitely something that can be done.

I don't know, these are just ideas but this concept is too good to not take more advantage of in my opinion. Moving on.

Take Over Missions

This is an idea I thought of when going over my rant at the top of this list. Let's get rid of the daily missions concepts, turn these places into bases of operations, and add, you ready for it, TAKE OVER MISSIONS!

It goes like this: You beat the story mode. You now own that area and you've turned it into a base of operations for that part of the city. What if one of the groups that once had a strong hold in that same location come back and try to take it over? Now, your mission is to stop that from happening. Or say it does happen, and now your mission is to take it back.

I think this idea would be so much better than running the same boring missions over and over again like I've been doing for 8 months.

Rogue Missions

How has this not become a thing yet? The idea of going rogue has been one of the top underling features that players love about this game. However, it is also the most hated one as well. But I'm not talking about just going rogue in the DZ, I'm talking about rogue agents in general. They have been involved in various other story missions, HVT's, and even Underground missions as well. But they are seriously missing out a perfect opportunity to add more to this game and this concept in and of itself.

Think about a daily mission board where there is a one time opportunity to take down a rogue agent. If you beat you, you get a prize and your rank goes up. If you don't, you lose the opportunity to fight that agent again and you have to wait for the next one to pop up. This concept is sort of part of the Survival game mode they just introduced but it is in the form of a Hunter; a rogue NPC who tries to stop you from getting on the extraction helicopter in the DZ. I think rogues are underused and there should be something else for them, that's all I'm saying.

And last but not least:


I want an all out war story mission. Each faction against itself with you right in the middle. Solo or in a group. Rogues or not. I want to see Rikers fighting Rioters fighting Cleaners fighting LMB's and I want the division agents there to clean up the mess. I'm not sure what we have coming with 'The Last Stand' but I hope it promises something along these lines.

Anyway. These are my thoughts. If you have any other suggestions, feel free to comment on them. If you liked any of my ideas, leave some feedback below. Cheers to the game!

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