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Before starting this off, I should clarify that DC is not again doing a reboot as has been rumored. They are also not going back to the Pre-New 52 age. After the Convergence event was announced many were thinking and speculating, this was their way of returning to the old continuity.

DC is keeping the existing continuity from the New 52, this is not getting rebooted. DC is just describing this as a new era that will open up to a new unexplored kind of space in their universe. DC is charting new territory in their comics that they have not gone before and are beginning 24 new titles as well as 25 ongoing ones.

This includes (not all of them)

Batman Beyond by writer Dan Jurgens & artist Bernard Chang

Cyborg by writer David L. Walker & artists Ivan Reis and Joe Prado

Dark Universe by writer James Tynion IV & artist Ming Doyle

Doomed by writer Scott Lobdell & artist Javier Fernandez

Harley Quinn/Power Girl by writers Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner & artist Stephane Roux

Red Hood/Arsenal by writer Scott Lobdell & artist Denis Medri

Starfire by writers Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner & artist Emanuela Lupacchino

We Are Robin by writer Lee Bermejo & artists Rob Haynes and Khary Randolph

Justice League of America by writer/artist Brian Hitch

Bizzaro by writer Heath Corson & artist Gustavo Duarte

Bat-Mite by writer Mark Russell & artist Ben Caldwell

Omega Men by writer Tom King & artist Barnaby Bagenda

Mystic U (tentative title) by writer Alisa Kwitney & artist Mauricet

Section Eight by writer Garth Ennis & artist John McCrea

Dr. Fate by writer Paul Levitz & artist Sonny Liew

As well as many others, what do you think about all of this? Comment down below!

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