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Recently I have wrote an article about all the X men movies and how they don't make sense, because the story lines don't line up. In the article I talk about how Raven and Xavier don't mention about their past and how Magneto doesn't mention it either. Along with Origins Wolverine, how Sabertooth is his half brother and when we meet them both in the first X Men they don't remember at all. and other issues I had. The link to that article is at the end of this article.

In Days of Future Past it all comes together with a few hiccups in the story lines. There will be SPOILERS so read at your own risk. At the end of The Wolverine we see Logan at the airport and we get a glimpse of Trask industries. Magneto and Charles come to warn Wolverine that a bigger threat is coming. Now how does that make sense? Charles dies in The Last Stand, how does he come back? There isn't a future for him after Jean kills him. So that means that the other X Men had to have gone back in time and stop Jean from killing Xavier so he can take part in this story line. Also how can Magneto control and stop Logan like he did in the other films? This is two years later and last time I checked Logan got his adamantium drained from him. So that doesn't fit. Xavier and Magneto couldn't have traveled back in time to tell Logan ahead of time because that means they would travel at least a decade in time to warn Logan. In Days of Future Past they can't go back to 1973 because they weren't strong enough. Also how does Logan have his adamantium claws again in Days of Future Past when the send him to 1973? Once again it was drained from him. That was the only thing I saw in the films so far that doesn't fit.

In Days of Future Past, Xavier does mention how he and Raven grew up together. Good so that's cleared up now since someone forgot to mention in the earlier films. We see Logan wake up and fight with his bone claws sense he hasn't met Stryker to get the adamantium procedure. Also if that is the case where is Victor? Weren't they together throughout the wars and fought with Stryker? So where is he in this story? We see Xavier and McCoy living at the Mansion and Xavier is a drunk, and McCoy is a decent friend and helps him. Wolverine explains that he has come from the future and needs to break out Magneto. We meet Quicksilver who is a total badass character to have in this movie. With his help they get Magneto out. We get a hint from Quicksilver that Magneto is his dad because he mention how his mom dated a guy that could control metal. We go to Washington D.C. now where Magneto is causing hell and will ruin everything they fought for by killing Trask and the other officials in the chamber. When they were trying to stop Raven in the first place from killing Trask setting the future events in motion. Raven saves the officials and Trask and Magneto is a wanted Mutant now. Also we see Raven rescue Logan while impersonating Stryker. Does that mean she lets Logan go with Stryker to get the adamantium claws after see saw how cruel he was in the beginning of the film? In the last scene we see Logan wake up and its the future story line now. We see that all the X Men are alive and Jean Grey is alive along with Scott. That would make sense. Because Magneto wouldn't have fought for Jean because, he was captured by the government. Which means Jean wouldn't have unleashed the Phoenix and killed Scott and the Professor. Logan confronts Xavier and asks him what happened after 1973, Xavier welcomes him back because this is the younger version of Xavier we saw in 1973 living out the events of the new future they started. With the end credits scene we see Apocalypse using his powers building a pyramid, while the four horsemen stand in the distance. Which gives us a hint of X Men: Apocalypse which is set to release 2016.

What did you think of the Days of Future Past? Was it what you were hoping for? I loved the movie, it seems like I didn't, but it was an awesome movie. I just noticed a few mistakes along the way. Did I miss anything you want to add? Comment below and leave out insults!,manual#!ROnKA

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