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In the middle of the holiday hiatus of all the shows I watch, I tend to reflect on just how good this season has been; and how it compares to seasons past. So today, we'll be ranking all 5 seasons of our beloved Arrow. I know it has had many faltering moments, but thankfully, there have also been many soaring ones as well.

5. Season Four

This is no surprise for many of you. While Season 3 held a serious misstep after the success of season 2, season 4 faltered entirely. The inclusion of magic was not the worst part about season 4, but its overuse was unwelcome. The primary antagonist Damien Dark was also a let down for the show. There was no real connection between him and the Green Arrow or Star City; he just wanted to complete a grand evil scheme. All of this was so different from the success of the previous seasons, that Season Four finds itself at the fifth and lowest spot on this list.

4. Season Three

This season had some great moments, but it still left us all a little lacking. The major drawback of season 3, was the focus on Oliver and Felicity's relationship. The choreographed fight scenes began to grow stale, and Ra's al Ghul's desire to make Oliver suffer for not taking his place seemed (to me) over the top.

3. Season Five

This season is only halfway through, so it cannot find itself any higher on this list than the third spot; but to be fair, Season Five appears to be a true return to form for our beloved Arrow. The fight scenes have become exciting again, there is a real threat and reason for that threat. This season, much like season two, reminds Oliver and Company that there are real consequences for their actions.

2. Season One

The freshman season of Arrow is the reason we are all still here. It taught us a lesson that it has since forgotten: one man, alone, can do a great deal of damage. Still every hero needs a bodyguard and a computer hacker, and Season One did a fantastic job of bringing us all the characters we've become so attached to through the years. With excellent fight scenes, a real mission for Oliver, very high stakes, and a villain with a connection to Oliver's island getaway; it was easy to list Season One so high, but it still doesn't quite find that number one spot.

1. Season Two

It's the favorite season of most devout Arrow fans, and also my personal favorite. We learned that life causes us to make impossible choices, and that those choices may come back to haunt us. The connection Oliver has to Season Two's big bad Slade Wilson a.k.a. Deathstroke is what drove the whole season, and made it worth watching. The battle between Deathstroke and the Arrow, the torment that both experience over the loss of loved ones, and the consequences of all their choices really make this season the absolute best that Arrow has had to offer so far.

It sure has had it's ups and downs, but Arrow seems to be back...with high stakes and great action. Are you looking forward to the second half of the fifth season of Arrow?


Which season of 'Arrow' is the best?

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