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Hey guys, I'm Nate: writer and fan of all things Star Wars and DC Media.

Welcome! Hopefully, you've been to see Rogue One already; if not, go see it: it's awesome and it's already been out for a whole month! There were a lot of new things in the latest entry to our favorite distant galaxy, and there were many things that were missing! If you didn't notice the lack of Jedi, lightsaber duels, and an opening crawl when the film began, you probably weren't a huge Star Wars fan going in (but I just hope you were coming out)! Today, I'm going to be covering one of the most notable things about Rogue One: A Star Wars Story: the lack of a Skywalker in a leading role.

Yes, I'm sure you already figured out that despite being the central character, Jyn doesn't bear the last name of Skywalker; and I'm sure you saw the estimated five minutes of screen time where Darth Vader murdered a room full of rebels. However, despite the lack of Skywalkers, that doesn't take away the significance of this movie in having another character with another heritage take center stage. In fact, it adds further significance to the future of the Star Wars franchise.

The main 'Star Wars' Saga is still about Skywalkers!

For those who have seen The Force Awakens, you know that one of the main characters is of Skywalker descent. However, Rey's heritage is still clouded in mystery. Fans have been so adamant that the Star Wars saga focuses on Skywalkers that many still estimate that this character is somehow related to the family. Suddenly, we have all found ourselves wondering if the main saga will continue beyond the bounds of Ep. IX.

Is it enough to devote three trilogies to one family? Can we possibly go on without retelling the same narrative? These are all questions Disney/Lucasfilm is asking right now - and the success of Rogue One opens many doors!

It may not be a huge critical success, but you'll have to look hard to find casual fans who disliked this movie. It has undoubtedly been a financial success, sitting at an estimated $400 million at the domestic box office (at the time of this writing). The diverse cast also promises to resonate with foreign audiences, so expect those numbers to keep climbing. For Disney, this raises the question as to whether fans want to spend time in the future focusing on the Skywalkers, or exploring the vast universe that George Lucas created 40 years ago. At the very least, this success tells studio execs that fans may be willing to watch anything with the name Star Wars attached to it, as long as the story is good and fits.

And the galaxy really is too big for just one family!

If you judge the size of the Star Wars universe from the size of the senate in The Phantom Menace, you understand how many species and planets there are; and how many wonderful, exhilarating stories are just waiting to be told! Following Rogue One, there will be a Han Solo Anthology film, the second of many more 'Star Wars stories'.

In the past, certain elements were only used as plot devices to further the Skywalker Saga but now, producers are free to tell us those gritty Bounty Hunter tales, horror stories about Sith experiments, coming of age tales for a Wookiee on Kashyyyk, and so much, much more! As long as there is a demand for it, Star Wars can spend entire films on a single planet, or spend all the time in the world in space! The sky is the limit for producers of Star Wars, because Rogue One has proven literally no genre is off limits. Looking forward, almost any story can be told in our galaxy far, far away.

After Episode IX, do you want to see more Skywalker stories? Let me know with a comment.

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