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Besides coming soon to theaters as cameo character in the end of Man of Steel 2 aka Superman vs Batman, in theaters March 2016, during its post credits scene, Aquaman shall also debut in his future movies, Aquaman (2018) and Justice League (2017-2020). Although to think he in the Justice League 3 part movie (alternate trilogy) would be played by Ewan McGregor.

Plus, Aquaman may have been an original TV flop on the CW but it's reputation will improve with a TV reboot on that TV network. Of course, Jason Momoa will not be playing the semi aquatic hero of Atlantis in the series. Instead, it has been confirmed recently on the Today show that Taylor Laurent will fight for good in the sea shoes of Aquaman himself.

Aquaman swims into TV screens fall 2016, Thursdays at 8pm.

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