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So far, I have seen the fourth season of American Horror Story on FX recently. Instead seeing seasons 1-3 (AHS; Asylum; Coven), I have seen the first episode of the 4th season, Freak Show, which stars primarily Emma Roberts ("Scream 4") as a fugitive's girlfriend. This season is set in pre-modern-day America. I got to Twisted Tom the Evil Clown attempt to kill and torture Emma's character and other victims he has kidnapped. He failed to do so but a crazed clown costume lunatic in the end of this episode murders a maid. The sole reason I have started watching only season 4 of AHS is that I intend to watch its following 5th season, Hotel.

American Horror Story: Hotel is the future 5th season of the hit FX series, AHS. It is set modern day New York City at an evil hotel, decades after the events of Freak Show. I have seen the teaser for it while watching Freak Show. AHS: Hotel checks into HDTV screens fall 2015 on FX.

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