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In Wonder Woman (2017), Steve Trevor, a WWII soldier, ends up on the womens' only island of Themaskira nursed by eternal health thru immortality by Wonder Woman (Selena Gomez) whose real name Diana the daughter of Queen Hypolyta. Decades later, she goes with him home to the U.S. after Diana wins a tournament temporarily deceiving her mother in the process. In the U.S., Diana and Steve run into his sister Stacy (Dove Cameron), a local journalist. The 2 civilians team up with Wonder Woman to battle an exotic cat like beast known as Cheetah (Jennifer Stone).

Steve Trevor will be played by the guy who played Cedric and Edward each from Harry Potter and Twilight. He, Dove Cameron, and Selena Gomez will save the world in Wonder Woman, in theaters June 2017.

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