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As Aiden Mincks (The Middle, Ant Farm) has been cast recently as Basil Carlo aka Clayface in the 2nd season of Gotham, 2 new villains have been casted for the future season; Man Bat and Prof. Pig. According to EP Daily at, formally on Reelz Channel, actor Jason Clark from Terminator 5: Genesis has confirmed that he will be playing Dr. Kirk Langstrong alias: Man Bat who will be unknowingly threatening Gotham City thru its skies and streets. Plus, actor Miles Teller (4 aka Fantastic 4) shall play a younger version of the serial killer, Valentino, alias: Prof. Pig, who is making his victims "perfect" by killing and maming them. Sometime in the 2nd season he will soon join forces the long term criminal mastermind, Balloon Man, from the first season to destroy Batman (Kevin Bacon) and the GCPD alike.

Man Bat soars thru the skies of Gotham as Prof. Pig kills innocents on the ground when Gotham returns for season 2 as of fall 2015 on Fox.

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