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As a hit Disney motion picture from 2014, Maleficent has debuted Angelina Jolie as the iconic evil fairy from Disney's Sleepy Beauty. But, as the film's rumored sequel ends up in development, the animated series in the works as well shall reimagine the hit 2014 film at a whole new level.

Set before the events of the film, Maleficent the Animated Series focuses on Maleficent whose lost her wings to a corrupted Stefan when he's stolen them to become king. This leads the Disney villain herself beginning her dark legend very prior to cursing Aurora and yet defeating Stefan eventually after the curse.

Wicked and Fun Size actress, Victoria Justice, also of the former MTV series, Eye Candy, spreads her evil across the kingdom as the voice of Maleficent when Maleficent the Animated Series curses Disney Channel late 2016.

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