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1. Zoo, CBS - based on the hit 2012 novel by James Patterson, Zoo focuses on a global crisis in which animals are intending to overthrow the human race without fear or mercy.

2. The Strain, FX - this horror thriller focusing on a vampire outbreak in New York City tells the story of a team of survivors of the possible vampire apocalypse battling blood sucking followers of The Master.

3. Under the Dome, CBS - trapped inside a city cut off from the outside world by a massive indestructible dome, the city's residents must survive tragically drastic events inside the dome including the killings of Big Jim Renny.

4. Star Wars: Episode 7: The Force Emerges - the long awaited sequel to Star Wars ep6: return of the Jedi may not be out until December but they should really make a video game out of it.

5. Goosebumps - author of the goosebumps stories RL Stein and his teen allies must recapture all villains accidentally released from the series.

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