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Superman VS Batman may not be out in theaters March 2016 but this year, Rocksteady has recently announced they're in production of a video game adaptation set for release in 2016 also since the success of Batman Arkham Knight.

In the game, players can battle vicious villains in the open world cities of metropolis and Gotham City in and out of the upcoming film including Lex Luther, Bizzaro, and Parasite. Also they can control Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman.

Like the movie, the game is set a year after the events of the 2013 film Man of Steel. People know of Superman whose in epic rivalry temporarily with Batman. Soon they yet join forces with Wonder Woman to battle evil in Gotham and Metropolis each alike.

Man of Steel 2 clashes into stores on Xbox One, PS4, PSV, WiiU, and mobile devices as of 2016.

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