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1. Batman (Kevin Bacon) is not at all in this series. Season 2 cheated me for I expected Batman to debut in the 2nd season that was supposed to be set a decade after the events of the first season.

2. Edward Nigma should not have killed Sara Kringle. I dont care if he did so by accident or on purpose; he should become The Riddler but remain locked up at Arkham Asylum forever after defeat by Batman IF he had debuted in the 2nd season of Gotham!

3. The GCPD is more corrupted than ever since the death of a female captain during a massacre at the Gotham PD HQ led by Jerome (formally the Pre-Joker).

4. The Batmobile, Barbara (Jim Gordon's ex girlfriend turned ally of Batman aliased Oracle), present day Batman villains, and other Batman allies like Cat Selena Kyle and Robin all should have debuted in the 2nd season besides Batman.

I hope Gotham for this reason soon ends up cancelled! No Batman, no Gotham.

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