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As of next week, VR actually debuts at AMC theaters nationwide starting in NYC with the VR format of the movie Assassins Creed so that movie goers can increasingly and actually feel like they are literally in the midst of the action. So far select AMCs like the one in NYC have been confirmed to have this though. AMC and other cinema brands shall spread across the rest of the globe with their VR format later in 2017. This could soon mark the release of VR formats each of the future Avatar sequels.

As of early 2017, Las Vegas for a limited time is presenting people local to that area in actually battling in the footsteps of the Power Rangers as well as in literally thier Megazords in virtual reality (VR) in the form of a VR simulation ride.

Power Rangers battles evil to rid cinemas of it March 2017.

SOURCE: Geek Tyrant

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