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Since the 2000 movie American Psycho, with Chris Bale, Jared Leto, and William DaFoe, and its 2002 sequel, American Psycho 2, with Mila Kunis, were each hits at the 2000s box offices; LionGates has recently decided to put into development a future remake of the 2000 hit crime thriller.

Despite its development phase, American Psycho thru LionGates has cast Sofia Carson (The Descendants) to fill in the shoes of the female version of Patrick Bateman, played in the original 2000 film, played Chris Bale, known as Patricia Bateman. Carson plays in this anticipated remake such a feminine college student who is secretly a serial killer. This is yet similar to Mila Kunis' female serial killer character in American Psycho 2.

American Psycho surprise slashes into cinemas soon.

SOURCE: Coming Soon

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