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The Top 20 2017 Films I Am Looking Forward to Seeing Are

20. Power Rangers, with Elizabeth Banks, Benedict Cumberbach, David Mazouz, Naomi Scott, Rooney Mara, Becky G, Toby Jones, JK Simmons, Ron Pearlman, Kevin James, David Spade - 6 teens are selected by a universal guardian to defend Earth from 2 intergalactic war lords.

19. Skull Island, with Tom Hiddleson, Brie Larson, Samuel L Jackson - a group of Vietnam War soldiers end up on Skull Island home to a giant gorilla known as Kong.

18. Justice League Part 1, with Ben Affleck, Henry Calvin, Gal Gadot, Ezro Miller - DC's iconic superheroes unite against an alien general and his off world army.

17. The Alpha Galaxy, with Cara Deleveign - 2 time traveling cops from the planet Valerian.

16. The Bye Bye Man - a hidden serial killer hunts down and offs his victims one by one who say or think his name.

15. Pocahontas, with Alex Shipp, Rob Kay - a Native American woman tries to unify her kind with settlers from England.

14. Star Wars Episode 8 - the sequel to Episodes 1-7.

13. Revenge of the Titans, with Sam Worthington - Perseus saves the world from the other Titans led by the vengeful Persephone in the last chapter in the Clash of the Titan trilogy.

12. The Descendants 2 (Disney Channel) - reformed children of exiled Disney Villains, Mal, Eve, Carl, and Jerry sail the Aurodon Prep students to the democratic Isle of the Lost alongside the daughter of Ursula, Susan, and the children of Tiana and Naveen and Dr. Facilier.

11. Amityville, with Bella Thorne - at a new house that is actually haunted, a goth girl and her family must save her evilly possessed brother.

10. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 - the Guardians of the Galaxy return.

9. Dunkirk - true story of the evac of Allied forces in Nazi Europe.

8. Beauty and the Beast, with Emma Watson, Dan Stephens - a young woman indicted inside a castle home to a monstrous yet kind hearted beast falls for him.

7. POTC: Dead Men Tell No Tales, with Johnny Depp, Megan Fox - with the aid of a mermaid and her human love life, Jack Sparrow and company search for the Trident of Poseidon whose been killed by a supernatural pirate crew.

6. Fantastic 4: Legend of the Mole Man - the Fantastic 4 battles Mole Man and Diablo.

5. Wolverine 3 aka Logan - Hugh Jackman claws his way into the big screen for the last time as Wolverine.

4. Spider-Man, with Tom Holland, Debby Ryan, Zendaya - the wall crawler battles Vulture and The Green Goblin while training with Iron Man to become an Avenger.

3. Wonder Woman - an Amazonian warrior and a WWI soldier battle the fights in the First World War.

2. Tangled, with Cara Deleveign, Tenzing Trainer, Mila Kunis - confined for 18 years in a secluded tower by a greedy evil woman, a princess from a far off kingdom falls for a thief.

1. The Greatest Showman on Earth, with Hugh Jackman, Zendaya, Rooney Mara - musical film experience and event based on a true story on PT Barnum and his circus crew.

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