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Batman Arkham Knight voice actor John Noble (Elementary/LOTR: Return of the King/Sleepy Hollow) shall not only return for the role of Henry Parish aka Jeremy Crane formally known also as War or The Horseman of War in Sleepy Hollow: Season 4 next month but also debut in the upcoming 7th season of Once Upon a Time on ABC as its main villain The Horned King from the Disney classic animated film The Black Cauldron alongside Ben Kingsley as Scar and Naveen Andrews again as Jafar. He will also appear in the upcoming live action Jungle Book sequel The Jungle Book: Reign of King Louie focusing solely on a reformed King Louie again played and voiced by Christopher Walken with his prior backstory related to his corruptive father Lord Larry the fearsome king that proceeded Louie. He'll be voiced by Noble.

John Noble threatens Storybrooke in OUAT in its future 7th season on ABC fall 2017 after its second half of S6 as The Horned King as well as reunites with Louie as his father Larry in The Jungle Book: Reign of King Louie, in theaters soon.

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