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10. The Animals, General Davis, The Shepard Scientists of Pangea - Zoo (CBS) (2015-2016) - next to the mother cell infected animals worldwide, we got General Davis who like the Shepard Scientists on the island of Pangea intends to end the war against animals by engulfing the world in a deadly gas killing all animals and people alike esp people like Jackson Oz with the Ghost Gene. Its key to the Noah Protocol. Animals' goal as a result of infection by the mother cell bacterial virus is to inherit the earth and wipe it clean of humanity.

9. Cruella DeVil, Ursula, and Maleficent in OUAT: Season 4 (ABC) - united by an exiled Rumplestilskin aka Fredrik Gold, the Queens of Darkness (Cruella, Ursula, and the revived Maleficent) seek out the Author to turn Emma Swan evil. While Ursula and Maleficent soon reform, Emma kills Cruella for threatening her son Henry.

8. The Snow Queen and Hans in OUAT: Season 4 (ABC) - The Snow Queen also known as Ingrid aunt of Anna and Elsa tries to cause Storybrooke to tear itself apart thru violence until she reconsiders leading to her own sacrifice to save the city, while Hans seeks revenge in Arandelle, in the absence of Anna, Kristoff, and Elsa who are at the time in Storybrooke.

7. Sentinels and Magneto in X-Men 4 (2014) - set over 10 years after the events of X-Men 3, the robotic giants and godly tyrants The Sentinels have enslaved mankind while hunting down and killing mutants forcing Wolverine to solely to travel back to the 1970s to stop a years prior assassination plot by Mystique against a minor villain in the film played by Peter Dinklage. There, he and a young Charles Xavier subdue the robots but Magneto crashes their victory by surrounding the White House with a football stadium leading to his vile speech hateful against humanity.

6. Rita Repulsa, Lord Zedd, and Goldar in Power Rangers (2017) - this married duo of intergalactic warlords seek to destroy Earth and its protectors the Power Rangers alongside their monstrous general and son Goldar. To do so, they must claim the Zeo crystal, end the rangers, and kill Zordon.

5. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)--Electro, The Green Goblin, Rhino--Spider-Man battles 2 major threats to NYC; electrically powered Oscorp engineer turned godly terrorist Electro formally Max Dillion and the God playing Harry Osborn aliased The Green Goblin who murders Gwen Stacy while fighting Spidey epically. The minor villain in this movie yet is Rhino played by Paul Giamotti from the beginning and ending each alike. In a robotic rhino shaped war suit, Rhino battles Spider-Man in the heart of Midtown.

4. Loki and The Chitauri in The Avengers (2012) - leading armies of alien warriors called The Chitauri upon NYC to destroy and conquer it, Loki in doing so battles The Avengers. Humurously, as the aliens are soon defeated, Hulk beats Loki up dubbing him "puky God".

3. Pandora and The Hidden One in Sleepy Hollow: Season 3 (Fox) - a Sumarian God at first love life to the mortal witch Pandora and her mystical box of fears, The Hidden One seeks to decimate mankind as much as Pandora does thru fear. But when he is defeated for good, Pandora double crosses Crane and company killing Abby in the process. She is yet fatally wounded by a temporarily revived Headless Horseman.

2. Persephone, Cthulhu, and Malcolm in Sleepy Hollow: Season 4 (fox) - as the revengeful daughter of Pandora and the Hidden One seeks revenge for their demises, alongside her love life, the godly demon dark lord, Cthulhu, Persephone played by Tiffany Boone and Cthulhu join forces with an evil business man named Malcolm to destroy the Witnesses and take over the world.

1. Chancellor Davis and Paisley Paver in South Park: Season 20 - as an evil Danish chancellor seeking to destroy mankind thru online trolls and cyber bullies like Gerald, Kyle's father, Davis conspires with other villains Paisley Paver to finsh the job via the Death Star weapon allowing them to begin life on Mars. But as the evil Danish man is defeated by Gerald, the boys and girls of South Park by Star Wars styled space dog fight against the Death Star destroy it as Paver and her fellow villains escape leaving a Dark One Eric Cartman for dead until he is saved by Heidi who turns out to be an actual angel. No longer the last Dark One, Cartman is self restored to his racist self.

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