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As of yesterday, according to Screen Rant, the upcoming theme park Middle Earth not only has been confirmed open in summer 2018 in Spain but also has unveiled more lands at the park than just The Shire; including Mordor, Lake Town, Gondor, and The Mystic Mountains. No attractions per land at the park confirmed yet but Middle Earth shall definitely open in the summer of 2018 in El Victoria, Spain.

To anticipate and honor the upcoming King Kong reboot Skull Island which won't be in theaters until March 2017; Legendary Pictures and Universal Studios have decided to bring Kong further into the heart of Universal Studios Hollywood in California as well as expand his reign over the upcoming LionGates theme park that's unveiled so far the upcoming Hunger Games themed land The Capitol in Atlanta, Georgia. With The Capitol and other future themed movie lands at LionGates thus comes a so far undisclosed Skull Island attraction at the future themed land of Skull Island.

As of 2018, Kong resumes his expanded reign over Universal Studios Hollywood in an anticipated 4D attraction titled Skull Island 4D, while in 2019, LionGate opens publicly along with its upcoming attractions including the highly anticipated Skull Island themed land and its future attractions.

SOURCE: Screen Rant

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