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According to Geek Tyrant recently, in the second half of season two of Supergirl on CW, since the debut of Batman played by Kevin Bacon in the four part event Heroes vs Aliens, the actress whose played Cat in the first season of the series is to debut as Batwoman also. No longer just as Cat Of CatCo. She will in one of the upcoming episodes of Arrow and Supergirl each aid the woman of steel and the dark knight one by one.

Supergirl resumes is second season on CW later this month.

One of the actresses who purged D.C. in The Purge Election Year as one of the purging crooks has planned tomorrow's guest appearance of her own on the hit ABC series, The Chew. During its cheat day episode, she will alongside the hosts of the series cook some things up that are cheatable yet delectable to the average diet.

The Chew airs tomorrow on ABC at 1:00.

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