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Batman and Star Wars legend Mark Hamill (The Killing Joke/Star Wars) noy only has been cast again as Luke Skywalker in the upcoming 8th Star Wars film but also shall be voicing a CGI and SFX makeup creature from German folklore, Krampus, since Derek Meers whose played the monster in Vesen form on Grimm the hit NBC series has dropped out of playing the role this time in Sleepy Hollow in its 4th season. Fortunately he is to be succeeded and replaced as Krampus in the 4th season of Sleepy Hollow on Fox by Hamill.

Also, Mark will be playing a mythical creature and villain in the future 6th season of Grimm but no one knows which so far. So far, NBC has not unveiled his role in Grimm yet.

Mark Hamill reunites with the Force in Star Wars Episode 8 in theaters Dec. 2017 as well as terrorizes people bad during the holidays as Krampus in Sleepy Hollow S4 premiering tomorrow on Fox.

SOURCE: Screen Rant

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