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The future film soundtrack for Beauty and the Beast has been confirmed to end up in stores as of March 10th. It will include score music as well as songs from the upcoming film, the Disney animated classic, and the Broadway musical, each composed by Alan Menken, including If I Cant Love Her by Dan Stephens, Gaston by Luke Evans, Josh Gad, and Ensemble, and Human Again by Ensemble.

Beauty and the Beast dances its way into cinemas March 17th.

Despite the cancellation of the former Nick series Backyardigans that has lasted for 4 years straight, it's film adaptation titled Backyardigans - City of Villains has been reinstated by Viacom and Nickelodeon Movies regardless of its own cancellation. Similar to the video game Batman Arkham City, still, the plot is that the movie is set 10 years after the events of the series and Mayor Herriman voiced by Tom Kane mayor of Gotham, RI, hometown of the Backyardigans, has built a wall surrounded city sized super prison in an area of the city containing and confining various villains the Backyardigans have ever defeated in the past including a mutated Major Monogram aka Megahorn from the series finale of the TV series, his former followers, Prince Harold Froglib, and his mother, the Goblin Queen aka The Queen, and even Dr. Doofensmirtz former rival of Agent P aka Perry Platypus and his allies from Danville.

Turf wars have resultingly ensued inside the super prison walls and escape is punishable by death. It is run by the movie's main villain, Zach Varmitech, and his partner and cuz, the film's secondary villain, Paisley Paver. Only as Super Team Awesome members, Jungle Girl aka Tasha Baxter, voiced again by Gianna B., Uniqua aka Strong Blossom, voiced by Ski Jackson (Bunked) (Disney Channel), Pablo aka Prof. Bug, Tyrone, voiced by Jaden Smith, and Austin Frothingslosh voiced again by Jonah Boa (Backyardigans/The Descendants/CSI Cyber) can all infiltrate Arkham City and foil Zach and Paisley's vile doing.

Backyardigans: City of Villains shall hit theaters soon. Remains in extended current development.

SOURCE: Geek Tyrant; Nickelodeon Movies (website)

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