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Confirmed for the 2nd half of S3 of Gotham on Fox are two vile rogues; Man-Bat and King Shark. Dr. Kirk Langstrong debuts in one of the future episodes of Gotham as a scientist trying to heal and cure chronic deafness and blindless by combining his DNA with that of a vampire bat that only turns him into the deadly Man-Bat. King Shark will soon appear in Gotham's 3rd season as well.

Gotham returns later this month resuming season 3 on Fox.

At CES 2017 Expo in Singapore, it has been unveiled that VR experience themed for the future movie Power Rangers shall allow people there to fill in the shoes of the rangers not only encountering the Zords but also interacting Alpha and Zordon (David Mazouz Muniz from Gotham and JK Simmons from Zootopia and The Accountant).

CES 2017 opens in Singapore and in Las Vegas, NV, later this year.

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