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As of today, Burger King has launched a promotion campaign for the future Mummy reboot film Rise of the Mummy thru unveiling via YouTube of a limited time product tied in with the rebooted Mummy film franchise, despite no music/sound in the online promo; The Mummy Milkshake aka The Sandstorm Smoothie, made with chili chocolate pieces, whipped cream, vanilla, almond milk, and banana slices.

Prior to this has there been a pre Super Bowl 2017 TV ad of the future film.

In May 2017, The Sandstorm Smoothie blows its way into select BK restaurants, while Rise of The Mummy ravages cinemas June 2017.

The following select BK restaurants solely serving this milkshake product per state are...

Dartmouth, MA

Miami, FL

Orlando, FL

Los Angeles, CA

Austin, TX


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