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Right where the previous episode of Hawaii Five 0 left off, this recent episode of the hit CBS series focuses on Chin whose been rescued by his Five 0 comrads from a revengeful Mexican drug lord and his forces. Chin has then regained custody of his niece.

In the rest of the mid season premiere, the Five 0 team having returned to Hawaii deal with a case linked to the murder of someone in protected possession of uranium stolen in the process. The team scour the city of Honolulu to search for the culprits with the stolen atomic element until they ambush some at thier own place in hazmat suits reclaiming the suitcase filled of uranium.

However, the episode ends with MacGarrett being informed by Grover that the suitcase they had found back there had been priorly switched with fake uranium, while the real uranium had by then been already sold to someone intending to take out most of Hawaii with a mysterious weapon requiring the most deadly element on Earth.

Hawaii Five 0 begins its new episode next Friday at 9pm on CBS.

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