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10. Hawaii Five 0 - Until We Die (CBS) - in the 5th season finale of H50, the team try to find and dispose of a stolen nuke capable of decimating Hawaii at a large kill radius. The nuke has been stolen by a patriotic yet political renegade bent on destroying the Middle East via nuclear war in Hawaii.

9. Terra Nova (Fox) - takeover of a colonized community in the age of the dinosaurs by rival soldiers alongside the Sixers and the machines that have in the far future conquered mankind in the beginning, all led by Cole, son of Taylor, colonel of Terra Nova. Nathaniel Taylor bring his son to his senses as the reformed Sixers reclaimed the community its home of Terra Nova while going back to 2040 to end the war with machines and their creator the Xana Virus Network aka Xana for good.

8. The River (ABC) - after surviving an exorcism, Craig and his family esp long found and recovered Dr. Emett Cole his father in the Amazon return to port in a village from whence they came in the beginning only to be ambushed by a terrorist group who abduct and kidnap the Brazilian boat engineer's daughter.

7. Unseen aka The Whispers (ABC) - unseen aliens called The Drill having used children for their vile plot to ravage mankind have in the end of the first and only season of the series have abducted and stolen those children from across the globe and the DOD agent. ABC for some reason since then has cancelled the series opposed to renewing it for a 2nd season.

6. CSI Cyber (CBS) - after saving a teen boy from his threats, the FBI division, the CSI Cyber team, go their seperate ways with only the guy from the original CSI whose been helping since the beginning of the 2nd season. Too bad they soon after cancelled the series.

5. Zoo: Endgame (CBS) - while trying to reach and save their friend, Jamie, stranded in rural Canada, the other heroes are confronted and stopped in their tracks by an army of mother cell infected animals in DC who begin to charge right at them. The first season finale.

4. Alcatraz (Fox) - 63+ inmates of Alcatraz and Neo Alcatraz each alike kill the secondary warden from their time whose been behind everything throughout the 1st season. They then escape causing a mass manhunt for them all by Rebecca and company. The series has soon after been cancelled for some reason.

3. Bad Teacher (CBS)

2. The Muppets (ABC)

1. Helix (SyFy) (2014-2015)

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