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Having escaped illegal custody of an evil cult led by evil businessman Malcolm Dreyfuss played by Jeff Davis, Crane joins forces with Jenny Mills and 3 new allies in DC including a Homeland Security agent whose the next witness succeeding the deceased Abby Mills. Also, her mute daughter Jo is the other new witness than just the agent. Crane and others subdue a demonically immortal John Wilks Booth via copper machine gun unleashed by Malcolm and his bodyguard Bill aka The Anti Christ the season's secondary villain.

Working with the imprisoned goddess Persephone (Tiffany Boone) (The Following) and her brother the demon dark lord Cthulhu played by James Puroy (Resident Evil/The Following), The Anti Christ and Dreyfuss plot world domination.

In next week's episode, while searching for the other witness whose Jo Crane and company end up inside a witch house home to a witchcraft linked female version of the infamous Chupacabra (Cara Deleveign) (Suicide Squad) unleashed by Dreyfuss also.

Persephone and Cthulhu are the children of the defeated Pandora and the late Hidden One working with Dreyfuss to destroy the witnesses and friends and conquer humanity.

Starring Rachel Wilson (Zombeavers), Tom Mason, Tiffany Boone, James Puroy, Jeff Davis, John Noble, etc., season four of Sleepy Hollow resumes Fridays at 9pm on Fox.

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