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In the recent 4th season opener of Sleepy Hollow, Crane has joined forces with a new Witness, a duo of experts on the supernatural, and Jenny, sister of the deceased Abby Mills, in Washington DC, where they have defeated a demonically transformed John Wilks Booth unleashed by an evil business man named Malcolm Dreyfuss and his associate the Anti Christ bent each on world domination alongside the daughter of a defeated Pandora and Hidden One, Persephone (Tiffany Boone), and her love life, a demonic god known as Cthulhu.

In the most recent episode, it has been revealed the homeland security agent is not the only witness fulfilling Abby's legacy but also her 13 year old daughter Molly (Oona Toof) (Master Chef Jr) whose revealed to be not at all mute. Plus, Crane, Jenny, and the homeland security agent, Diana, battle 2 of 3 vile witches, the Satyre Sisters who intend to kill those who are filled with deceit. They have murdered one of their own for her own lies.

The witches (Courtney Lakin, Caroline A., Sara Sanderson) yet are defeated by the new Team Crane in thier hidden lair in the swamps outside DC via destruction of their mystical clock, the source of their power. As Dreyfuss resumes plotting his master plan to free Persephone and Cthulhu each from imprisonment, he revives and summons the Headless Horseman aka Death aka Abraham.

Death threatens the president (President Donald Trump) in DC in next Friday's Sleepy Hollow episode at 9pm that day on Fox.

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