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Beauty and the Beast in its recent trailer/s has really outdone itself though similar each to the animated classic's trailer from 1991. The music was fantastic. The characters were iconic. The plot was more age appropriate than the 1991 animated film's. Beauty and the Beast in its trailers gains an A+.

Beauty and the Beast dances into cinemas March 17th.

Power Rangers also gains an A+ in its previews for the iconic Power Rangers played each by 6 famed celebs including Rooney Mara as Tommy Tasha Oliver the white ranger and Becky G as Trini the yellow ranger. As for other characters in the previews, they too are iconic esp. David Mazouz as Alpha, JK Simmons as Zordon, and Elizabeth Banks at Rita.

Differing from the plot of the 3 season series Power Rangers Mighty Morphin, the film's plot focuses on 6 teens uniting against Rita and her forces esp. her husband Lord Zedd and their general and son, Goldar, bent on global conquest.

Power Rangers battles its way into cinemas March 2017.

Jenna Slate (Pets/Zootopia/Chipmunks 3/Lego Batman) stars in an upcoming film in which a young girl becomes a math genius instantly in school. That young girl is played McKenna Grace (Independence Day: Resurgence/Amityville/Crash and Bernstein).

The film Gifted starring Jenna Slate and McKenna Grace hist theaters April 12th.

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