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In the upcoming Universal Monsters Universe, after success of Godzilla in 2014 and that anticipatedly of the future King Kong reboot film Skull Island, Rise of the Mummy reboots the iconic Mummy film franchise, this time, with Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe alongside a female hero battling a 3000+ year old female mummy queen known as Imhotep (Sofia Boutella) (Kingsmen: Secret Service) who wreaks havoc on humanity.

Rise of the Mummy storms into cinemas summer 2017.

Brad Pitt returns in H1Z1 to battle zombies. This time, in the future sequel to World War Z, H1Z1, he teams up with zombie apocalypse experts turned zombie killers (Selma Hayek, Marion C) against the undead. Another player in the film series of World War Z has been cast in the form of Halston Sage (Scouts vs Zombies/Goosebumps/Paper Towns/Gotham City Sirens).

Victims of the Z Virus now zombies called Zs resume spreading and swarming across the globe esp since Pitt's hero character UN affiliate Gerry Lane has exploited thier weakness in the end of the first film; inability to infect or threaten the severely ill or greatly injured. This has proven a successful pathological self curable defense and camaflauge to all Zs.

H1Z1 spreads into cinemas summer 2017, starring Brad Pitt, Selma Hayek, Marion C, and Halston Sage.

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