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Being adapted into future films each are Legendary, Uncharted, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, and Dead Island. Resident Evil has made 5 movies and priorly 7 video games (chronologically) while Uncharted remains in production.

Next month, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter raids cinemas, with elements from Resident Evil 5, 6, and 7. Alice and company head back to Raccoon City to end the T Virus and the infamous Umbrella Corporation for good in the 6th and final chapter in the Resident Evil film saga.

Uncharted based on the hit video game series focuses on Nathan Drake (Miles Teller) (4/Divergent/Dogs of War) and others including a British historian (Cara Deleveign) (Suicide Squad/The Alpha Galaxy/Tangled) who search for the hidden city of gold, El Dorado. Uncharted explores cinemas this coming summer.

Legendary also based on the video game focuses on a man whose inadvertently opened Pandora's Box unleashing thousands of mythical creatures on NYC. It remains in current development. But, Legendary fights its way into theaters soon.

Postponed each as of summer 2014 then Dec. 2015, Dead Island from Disney and formally LionsGates is about some spring beak girls who solely travel to the resort island of Banoi affected by a zombie outbreak where they join forces with 2 young sole survivors against the undead. By now, in its production phase, Dead Island plagues cinemas soon.

DEAD ISLAND, starring Jennette McCurdy (Sam and Cat/Power Rangers), Sarah Hyland (Ursula/Scary Movie 5), Ashley Tisdale (Fantastic 4: Legend of the Mole Man/Scary Movie 5/High School Musical), Karan Brar (Pacific Rim: Uprising/Jessie/Bunked), Rihanna (Battleship/The Alpha Galaxy), and Ariel Winter (Modern Family/Sofia the First).

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