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5. Heckle (Power Rangers Super Dino Charge) - as a human alien from the dead planet Sentai 6 Heckle tries to frequently steal the energems for himself and his alter ego Snide to take over the world but reforms unlike Snide when he finds out that Lord Arcanon aka Lord Pain has decimated his world in search of the energems and joins forces with the rangers to defeat a returning Sledge and his monsters for good.

4. Master Orc (Power Rangers Wild Force) - lord of the orcs the infamous Master Orc seeks to destroy all of nature and the Wild Force rangers with it. Since soon mutating via the Orc Heart he's temporarily taken out the rangers and their zords before destroying humanity. But the returned zords and rangers defeat him and the ugly Orc Heart forever via ultra roar and jungle sword.

3. Trakeena (Power Rangers Lost Galaxy) - the daughter of the defeated Scorpius seeks revenge upon the rangers and their domed space station city of terra ventur. They soon manage to defeat the vile tyrant forever.

2. Lothor (Power Rangers Ninja Storm) - a comedic warlord and evil space Ninja Master bent on world domination, Lothor exiled for the earth for his dark Ninja powers usage plots his reign of terror upon the city of Blue Bay Harbor and its protectors the Ninja Storm rangers.

1. Rita Repulsa aka Rita (Power Rangers Mighty Morphin/Power Rangers) (2017) - an evil sorceress and warlord imprisoned by Zordon for ten thousand years until accidentally freed to seek global conquest alongside her husband Lord Zedd and their armies of putties and tengus with their monstrous son Goldar unlike in the original series and Power Rangers Operation Overdrive in which the original Rita and Lord Zeds son Thrax unites the Rangers' foes against them in search for five jewels for the Crown of God aka the Corona Aurora. In the tv series Power Rangers in Space, Rita and Lord Zedd are converted good by the destruction of Zordon in the end while Rita and Lord Zedd are subdued along with their forces especially Goldar by the rangers and their zords in the climax of Power Rangers the upcoming film.

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