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According to the websites, Eater and Geek Tyrant, a random Lego fan has opened a Lego themed burger joint known as Brick Burger in the Philapines. However, the Lego company loving this idea has then decided to open 3 Brick Burger restaurants in the US; so far in 3 seperate American locations; San Francisco, New York City, and Los Angeles. Also, they shall also anticipatedly open a Brick Burger in Seekonk, Massachusetts, possibly across from its upcoming Chick-Fil-A restaurant.

Every item on the menu per multi-state location of Brick Burger shall be Lego themed like the items at the one in the Philapines. Everyone is excited for this country to experience a dining visit to each restaurant throughout. Even the burgers like the ones at the Philapines Brick Burger shall be Lego brick shaped and multicolored. Above all, each burger shall have its own flag branded Brick Burger each atop it.

Brick Burger satifies food fans and Lego fans each alike when each of its US restaurants opens in California, Massachusetts, and New York as of summer 2017.

SOURCE/S: Geek Tyrant; Eater

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