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Believe it or not, Digimon the animated series is hitting its 15th birthday! During the Odaiba Memorial Concert celebrating the 15th anniversary since Digimon adventures started, a new series set to air in 2015 was announced.

It has been confirmed to be set three years after the events of the Digimon Adventures 02 series where we saw a new trio of Digidestines join Hikari and Takeru from the original eight with new Digivices and a new form of Digivolution.

This series used a clever device not often used which was a five year gap between the first Digimon Adventure series and Digimon Adventures 02. With the new series following the same format with the three year gap it is safe to say it will be interesting at least to see the original Digidestines on the cusp of adulthood.

The only character so far confirmed is the original leader of the Digidestines, Taichi and it is safe to assume he will be joined by his partner Agumon.

It would be surprising if the other original characters did not feature also but given the age of the main character they could have him at college away from the others and forming a new group. Only time will tell.

Additionally starting on August 01, 2014, A Digitama (Digimon egg) appeared on the Digimon Adventure website and must be clicked (nade-nade) a total of 1 million times to hatch, which will release new information for the series. Apparently the fandom has nade-nade'd too hard, and within the last 61,000 clicks, Scumon appeared to block the way, requiring another 500,000 clicks to shoo it off. There is also a mini-game on the website where players can type in the names of phrases in either kana or romaji as they appear on the screen, with the final phrase being only in Digimoji which must be filled in correctly before the timer runs out. Completing the game takes off another 20 clicks from the egg counter.

Needless to say they are going to tease us for more information but hopefully it will not take long before more comes out on who else will be in the series and possibly even a synopsis.


Are you excited for a new Digimon series?

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