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Although more and more information about the 2017 Power Rangers movie has come to light, fans are still left with some questions unanswered. One question being asked is "how will the girls fight in high heels?" Well, here is a look at five times female Rangers have not only held their own, but saved the day and the future over their male team mates.

1. Enter the First Female Red Ranger!

Technically Lauren was not the first female Red Ranger, as Power Rangers SPD did have a female Red Ranger in their original Ranger team the A-Squad, but Lauren was the first to lead a team of good Rangers. She became the leader of the Power Rangers Super Samurai. While her time as leader was short lived, it did not take away from the pleasure fans gained from seeing their first official lady in red. She eventually returned the powers and team to her younger brother, but regardless of her tenure as a Red Ranger being short lived, she is still worthy of a slot in top five female Power Rangers of all time.

2. Let Pink Take the Lead.

Jen was not the first female leader of a Power Rangers team - Delphine the White Aquicean Ranger holds that title - but Jen is definitely one of the most driven Pink Rangers of all time. Taking charge of the team in Power Ranger Time Force and bringing them to the past, Jen led her team in a fashion unlike any previous leader and succeeded in bringing in her target, Ransik. She was never forceful in her leadership and allowed other team mates to have their voices heard, but when it came time for a decision to be made, she never wavered from what she believed in.

3. Leave it to the Girls.

The girls of Power Rangers RMP proved they do not need the boys to keep mankind safe. When all the men fell into a slumber it was down to just the Yellow and Silver Rangers to save the city along with the last of mankind. Both headed into battle against an army without hesitation, reminding their foes why the girls should never be considered the weak link of the team. Holding the line, the pair fought to the brink of destruction, but bought the time needed for science to prevail and revive the rest of their team.

4. You Can Never Break a Pure Heart.

Katherine proved that you do not need to be a Power Ranger to fight against evil. Being the second Power Ranger to be used by evil, after Tommy, she stole Kimberly's power coin rendering her powerless. However, Katherine didn't stop there; she aimed to destroy the original Pink Ranger. Unfortunately for Rita and her plans, Katherine's heart was to pure and allowed her to break free from the witche's spell. With her strong heart and bravery proven, Kimberly knew exactly who to pass her power coin on to when she decided to leave.

5. The Power of Pink.

Believe it or not, but Power Rangers has seen a Ranger make the ultimate sacrifice. During Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, the team joined forces with their predecessors, the Space Rangers. This resulted in the Pink Space Ranger's morpher being used as a power source that threatened to destroy them all. Without hesitation, the Pink Lost Galaxy Ranger stepped into the powerful vortex and sacrificed herself to save everyone. Her spirit said goodbye to her friends before her Quasar Sabre floated off into space ready for the next Pink Ranger to be chosen.

5 Female Power Rangers
5 Female Power Rangers

To date, female Rangers have been Pink, Yellow, White, Blue, Silver and Red, leaving only Green, Black and Gold remaining to be claimed by a female Ranger. These five moments are just a few moments from hundreds involving the female Rangers.

Do you have a favorite female Ranger moment not mentioned in this article? Please comment below.

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