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News on Saban's Power Rangers, set for release in 2017, continues to spill out across the Morphin Grid. From news of big name being added to the roster, including Elizabeth Banks and Bryan Cranston, and the release of the first teaser poster for the movie, fans are starting to get hyped for the next bit of news.

Until then let's take a walk down memory lane again. Last week, we looked at the five times that female Power Rangers proved to be better than the boys. This week, let us take a look back at the ten top sets of Zords to feature over the long running franchise.

10. Power Rangers Zeo

Power Rangers Zeo was the first complete upgrade for the Ranger team. With this, we saw new suits, new Zords and new mechanics behind how they all worked. Fans watched three previous series of Zords that possessed multiple purposes, such as the Falcon Zord giving the Ninja Megazord the ability of flight and the Shogun Megazord a set of canon artillery. The first set of Zords for the Zeo Rangers, gave their Megazord a new twist. Each Ranger had a helmet that could be switched onto the Megazord to give it a new ability. These were; Pink - Canon Power, Yellow - Rocket Power, Blue - Telekinesis Power, Green - Gravity Power and Red - Warrior Power. This added a mixing-it-up fun to the Megazord battles as you never knew what you would get.

9. Power Ranger Ninja Storm

The Wind Rangers, Thunder Rangers and Samurai Ranger from Power Rangers Ninja Storm all had pretty simple Zords as far as it goes. Each only had a single Zord, they had access to a Carrier Zord as a team and could combine all their Zords for max power. So, why do they make the list? This was nothing new for Power Rangers, as it was very similar to the Zord mechanics in the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Well, the answer is the weapons their Megazords would use. Each Ranger gained new discs which accessed capsules that mainly contained new weapons for their Megazords. These weapons could even combine to create new combinations of deadly weaponry for them to use in the battles. It's the only time that Power Rangers has put this twist on the Megazords new abilities.

8. Power Rangers Mystic Force

Power Rangers Mystic Force went where no other Power Rangers series had gone before. They had it so the Rangers themselves became their Zords. Initially they all turned into a "Titan" form to represent their element, but it got to the point where Pink, Yellow, Blue and Green would create a giant lion by merging together. The Wolf Ranger and White Ranger even turned giant and simply fought as giant Rangers. The only Ranger that used a conventional Zord in the series was the Solaris Knight Ranger. As crazy as this all was, you do actually have to appreciate the variations in the combination of the Zords, which included a Dragon Mode.

7. Power Rangers Dino Thunder

Power Rangers Dino Thunder brought Dinosaurs back as their theme. While it may not have been the original Dinozords from the first Power Rangers, it did still add an element of nostalgia to the series. They also played their Zords in a different style to the originals. With Dino Thunder, Red and Blue could create a basic Megazord with just their two Zords alone. The series also include Auxiluary Zords, which weren't required to complete the primary Megazord, but acted as various weapons for them to use. Even the Yellow Ranger's Zord could be used as a weapon for the Megazord. This series played the Dinosaur 'aggression' theme far harder than the original season. If that didn't convince you of them earning a spot on the list, remember the size of the Black Ranger's Brachio Zord. It was so massive it housed all the other Zords inside it.

6. Power Rangers in Space

Power Rangers in Space was the first series to start with the Rangers sharing a single Zord. Their home, the Astro Megaship, was their actual Megazord. The shuttle would fly out of the ship and dock to create the head and cockpit for the Megazord, while the main ship created the body, arms and legs. Even when they added a second Megazord, it was still a single Zord. The Delta Megaship, was unmanned and controlled via remote. They did eventually gain their own individual Zords, in the form of Mega V 1-5, but that was not until half way through the series. This was the first season to have the Rangers start off without individual Zords, and that alone makes theirs more special.

5. Power Rangers Super Megaforce

The Super Megaforce Megazord makes the list for pure nostalgia, paying homage to past Power Ranger Series. Power Rangers Super Megaforce was all about Nostalgia, commemorating 20 years of Power Rangers. Their Megazord was no exception, as it had the ability to call forth Auxiliary Zords. These represented past Zords from other Ranger teams. From a giant lion to a racing car to a dragon, they did a great job of reminding you of the show's predecessors as they appeared. Also, who doesn't love a pirate themed Megazord?

4. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Season 3

The Ninja Zords were first introduced in the 1995 Power Rangers Movie, and fans went crazy for them. However the most memorable aspect of this series were the Shogun Zords, who were found by the evil Lord Zedd, who forced the Rangers to pilot them and destroy their hometown of Angel Grove. Obviously, this plan backfired and the Rangers gained control of Zords. This marked them as the first set of Zords that a team of Rangers ever gained from evil. The second reason is that they were the first Zords that possessed a humanoid form. Unlike all previous Zords, they weren't based on an animal, dinosaur of beasts of myth. Each was effectively a small Megazord ready to merge into a giant Megazord.

3. Power Rangers Time Force

I think every Power Ranger fan loved the first time that they met the Time Force Power Ranger's Zords. Power Rangers Time Force dove entirely into the future with their Zords, incorporating five small jets that had three alternate modes. The first saw the five merge to create a large space ship themed vehicle, known as Jet Mode. This was cool, but when they pulled out the Megazord combination, it blew everyone away. First, we met Megazord - Mode Blue, which was typical of the Red Zord assuming the main body and the others forming the arms and legs. But then they activated Megazord - Mode Red, which saw them separate and reconfigure to create a brand new Megazord. These Zords easily hold the title for the most diverse in Power Ranger's history.

2. Power Rangers Wild Force

Power Rangers Wild Force holds the record for the highest number of Zords and Megazords in Power Ranger's history. Initially each Ranger started off with a single Zord, but by the end they all had more.

  • Red - Red Lion Wildzord, Gorilla Wildzord & Falcon Wildzord
  • Yellow - Yellow Eagle Wildzord, Polar Bear Wildzord & Black Bear Wildzord
  • Blue - Blue Shark Wildzord & Giraffe Wildzord
  • Black - Black Bison Wildzord, Rhino Wildzord & Armadillo Wildzord
  • White - White Tiger Wildzord, Elephant Wildzord and Deer Wildzord
  • Lunar - Wold Wildzord, Hammerhead Shark Wildzord & Alligator Wildzord

That's a total of 17! These Zords could combine to create numerous Megazords and swap parts out to create even more variations in the combinations. As if that wasn't enough, then add to that the Megazord Animus with the spirits of the Predecessors to the Wildzord; Black Lion Wildzord, Blue Condor Wildzord, Chrimson Sawshark Wildzord, Brown Buffalo Wildzord and Yellow Jaguar Wildzord. That makes a grand total of 22! Needless to say, Wild Force belongs at number two simply for the Zord-loving mash-up factor.

1. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Season One

Well, who else could possibly deserve a place at the top spot? Of course, it had to be the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and their Dinozords. Children everywhere made this Megazord toy the must-have toy that Christmas. When it first came out, fans loved the simple way five that the Zords combined to create a Mighty Megazord. But when the Dragonzord was introduced, and showed how it could combine with the other five to create a grand combination of six, fans went even more crazy. When you didn't think it could get any better, the show then introduced Titanus, the original Carrier Zord and forever captured the imagination of young children everywhere with the power of all the Zords combined to create the first Ultra Zord. Even today, it is consider the best set of Zords by fans.

Let us not forget...

There are over 21 sets of Rangers and each have their own Zords and Megazords. This is only ten of the best and there are plenty more worth noting. These include the first Rangers to use living Zords in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy and the current Dino themed Zords in Power Rangers Dino Super Charge that are showing a new twist on the OG theme. But the list needed to go through the best of the best, and these were what came up at the top. The upcoming Power Rangers Movie has had plenty of speculation behind it and we now know more than we did just 3 months ago. But until the next piece of news emerges, keep your eyes peeled for more articles like this to keep your "Power" thirst under control.

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