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There are many songs from our childhood that we can just never forget that just stuck with us all the way into adulthood. A song that probably got us all hyped after school has to be the Power Rangers theme that played right before the show started. The song in particular was one that matched the show perfectly. This however wouldn't go with the new grittier reboot we will soon be seeing in the movie coming out this year. We have seen from the latest two trailers that although there is humor in this movie it will depart from the campy tone of the show. It doesn't mean that one can't dream however and thanks to the internet we don't have to anymore!

New 'Power Rangers' Trailer Recut With Original Theme

Yes, that was a beautiful nostalgic trip wasn't it? The recut trailer made me immediately go back to the original intro to compare it to this one. I have to say they pretty much got it all right with the split screen character intro and Elizabeth Banks' Rita wrecking havoc over the city and Bryan Cranston's Zordon calling the Rangers for help. It definitely looks darker compared to the original show which is of course what the movie was going after since it was first brought to the table.

A Much Darker Power Rangers, But With The Same Heart

The movie however does seem to show more lightheartedness in the latest trailer compared to the first one we got. There were more jokes, laughs, and smiles in this one but it still had the gritty and darkness we got from the first one. This movie I'm hoping will still have us feeling nostalgic but also achieve something new and fresh with the Power Rangers we all love and admire. I'm just hoping the movie doesn't take itself too serious that it forgets how to have fun. You can check out the full original intro below for you to compare the two:

In the end I am very excited for the Power Rangers movie to be released and see whats to come. I also will say the inclusion of Kanye West's Power as the trailers music was an awesome addition that I think really fits well with the feel of the movie. I however would love if they sneak in the original theme song at least as a ringtone or something! We are close to seeing the Power Rangers movie and I'm hoping its a huge success so we get many more movies made!

Power Rangers is set to hit theaters on March 24, 2017


Do You Like The Darker Tone of The Movie Compared To The Show?

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