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People will tell you that 'you can't take it with you' when you pass to the next world, but in Pokémon Sun and Moon, you can. If you play the demo, there's actually a whole bunch of goodies you can transfer to the full game when it releases on November 18th. It can be a bit tricky to catch 'em all though, as some of them require tasks completed on specific dates. Here are the different items from the demo you can take into the main Pokémon Sun and Moon game, and their conditions:


  • Ash-Greninja - just complete the main story in the demo
  • Star Piece - challenge all of the trainers on Ten Carat Hill
  • Nugget - catch three Pokémon in the Pokémon Catching Challenge on Ten Carat Hill
  • 3 Stardusts - talk to the woman in the eastern part of the city and then use Tauros to clear out the rocks in the way

Save the Date

Plus there are some events that depend on the date on which you finished the demo, you have to talk to the NPC on the day of the event, here are the dates and the NPCs. The timer starts from the date that you finish the demo, so just count ahead from then:

1st Date

  • Date - 1 day after finishing the demo (i.e. the next day)
  • Task - talk to the man right outside the Pokémon Center
  • Reward - 10 Pretty Wings

2nd Date

  • Date - 5 days after finishing the demo
  • Task - talk to the woman wearing a hat west of Hau'oli City Hall
  • Reward - bonus event

3rd Date

  • Date - 12 days after finishing the demo
  • Task - talk to the man with a Pikachu inside Hau'oli City Hall
  • Reward - Balm Mushroom

4th Date

  • Date - 18 days after finishing the demo
  • Task - talk to the police officer at the Marina
  • Reward - Bonus Event

5th Date

  • Date - 24 days after finishing the demo
  • Task - see the woman inside the Ferry Terminal
  • Reward - Comet Shard

Red Herrings

These are teases that look like they promise something, but you don't need to bother with them, there's no extra game content.

  • Shop Manager who comes back "in a month" - just advertising the release date of the full game
  • Mysterious old man - you can return to him on different days and he will tell you different messages but won't give anything new

Bonus Events and Dialogues

These are little titbits of dialogue and content that you can find, but don't give you anything you can take into the next game.

  • Alolan Dugtrio - Speak with a girl on the left beach of Ten Carat Hill, which will make you use Rotom to test the zoom function. You need to have finished the trial to have Rotom in the first place, and the girl isn't always there.
  • Lillie - On Friday you can find Lillie at the entrance of Ten Carrat Hill. She gives a bonus dialogue there.
  • Mom outside clothing shop - Sometimes found outside the shop with a bonus dialogue about buying new clothes.
  • Hau - On Sunday at night outside the Malasauda restaurant, you can trigger is a small bonus event with him.


Will you be returning to the demo to claim those rewards?

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