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It takes skill, reflexes and quick wits to be the fastest of them all. All that and, perhaps ironically, a lot of time, as clocking the fastest speedrun times usually requires a lot of practice!

Here at Now Loading we have great respect for the gaming ninjas that dedicate themselves to achieving feats of skill, whether it's finding ways to make easy games more interesting, swearing off violence, or finding every secret in the game. Here's our favorite record holders for the fastest, most impressive speedruns out there...

The Fastest Ever Speedruns Of Classic Games

Ironically, Need for Speed doesn't make the list [Electronic Arts]
Ironically, Need for Speed doesn't make the list [Electronic Arts]

Note: Some of these speedruns are tool-assisted, which means that external tools were used to get the control inputs just right, or manipulate a game with random generation to spawn the 'luckier' outcome. Others exploit glitches to bypass game areas. This list is our pick of the very fastest feats. In that race to shave off a split second of runtime, anything goes.

Morrowind In Under 4min Thanks To The Magic Of Glitches

The fastest speedruns often exploit glitches to bypass segments of the game. The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind can be sprawling open-world epic, lasting many hours. But it doesn't have to be. FatalisSRL scores a world record by exploiting a series of glitches that allow him to quickly fly so fast that he goes through walls and can kill enemies in one hit, and even skips part of character creation—none of these are hacks, they're all existing bugs in the base game.

The Fastest Diablo Speedrun Is Sheer Sorcery

The Lord Of Terror menaces the world of man with his evil hordes? Boil me an egg, I'll be back for breakfast. This tool-assisted speedrun exploits Diablo's random dungeon generator to make sure that this sorcerer runs through some of the most convenient catacombs ever carved out of the Earth. Add in a dash of luck, teleportation skills and a handy HP glitch and you've got Maciej 'groobo' Maselewski's perfect demon exterminator.

Fly Through Spyro: Enter The Dragonfly In Just Over 1 Minute

Touval1 takes a weird shortcut in Spyro: Enter The Dragonfly in which Spyro's head bash move can drop him from a hole in the stage right down into the final boss battle. From then on it's just a quick fight to the credits roll...all in all 69 seconds from when the player gains control of Spyro.

Make Myst A Minute-Long Mystery

Myst is a classic adventure game full of mind-bending puzzles and complex mechanisms that typically requires hours of exploration and clue-finding. Unless, like speedrunner Scepheo, you already know the answer, which is to flip 8 switches around the island, enter one code, and deliver the blank page to Atrus in 1 minute 7 seconds in another tool-assisted speedrun. If you know how much effort it usually takes to figure out this sequence, it's amazing just how simple the solution actually turns out to be.

Shortest Adventure Ever In Around Half A Minute

Adventure is one of the earliest 'Dungeon Crawl' type games and was hugely influential on later titles, getting a big shout out in geek-lit bestseller Ready Player One. SadisticMystic plays on the easiest difficulty, but that doesn't make his record any less impressive, completing the goal in under 34 seconds.

WTF Is Going On In This Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance Blitz

The fastest ever tool-assisted speedrun through Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance is a bewildering blitz of colors and confusion. Played with Maxim, a bonus character awarded after you beat the game, this speedrunner initially uses his dashes to great effect. Then he starts jumping through levels, getting stuck in walls and warping into new stages. It's so hard to follow even the speedrunner can't quite explain it, it just needs to be watched. Nonetheless, the trippy sequence solves the game's story in just 22 seconds.

Clue's World Record Speedrun Is Just Under 1 Second

In Clue, there's been a murder and you're supposed to discover the culprit's identity and weapon through a process of deduction. But it's entirely possible to take a shot in the dark and make a lucky guess on your very first move, winning the game immediately. The fastest speedruns for Clue involve randomly accusing on the first turn till you nail it straight off the bat. Success is staggeringly unlikely but possible, although the accused must be miffed at being copped without even the pretense of an investigation. YouTuber LordSaradoc shows us how it's done in the video above, slicing through the playable part of the game in under a second.

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