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"We are strong. We are brave. We will win this battle."

My mom was 18 when she had me, she turned 21 in April and 3 months later she had my sister who is 2 years, 2 days younger, and 2 hours younger than me.

My house is set up where the wash room is outside on the back porch, but it's a room and it has a door. Of course. There's a window over the washer and dryer that we can see the kitchen sink and that's all we can see because the fridge is in the way of the rest of the kitchen.

Well, I was about 4-5 and my sister was 2-3 and we were outside playing in the laundry room. My sister was on the washer and I was on the dryer. We were playing checkers. Yeah, a young age to be playing checkers, but we could play and we played by the rules. Let's call my sister, Cate. Cate was silently singing. She went real quiet out of the blue and I looked at her after a few seconds. "Cate?" She snapped her gaze to me and smiled, "She wants your attention, sister!" I look into the window and what I seen made me fall off of the dryer. There stood a woman. She was blond, with red and blue eyes. Around her eyes where the white was supposed to be was just black. Her face was beautiful, but it had evil and sadness etched in her skin. I quickly jumped up and grabbed Cate. The woman disappeared. I was holding Cate on my hip and I went to open the door to go inside the house when it swung open and there she was. I tried to scream, but it was silent. Cate giggled and squirmed in my arms trying to get down. I dropped her and she toddled over to the woman. She grabbed Cate and put her on her hip. She looked at me and reached out a hand. Her hands were like long claws, but that was only because of her nails. I hesitantly grabbed her hand. She pulled me inside and took me and Cate to bed for a nap. I stared at her in shock. She layed Cate in her play pen and me on my bed. She walked over to Cate and kissed her forehead then did the same to me. "I'll leave you now, my sweet. Ma will be back soon." She whispered to me as my eyes drifted shut.

I woke up the next day and I told my grandma what I saw, what the woman said, and what she did. My grandma smiled, "That was your great-grandma, girly. She wants you to call her 'Ma' cause that's what her grand-kids called her." I nodded and went to play with my aunt and sister. I saw her again while playing with my aunt and sister. I smiled and waved at her. She smiled and waved back. I never saw her again.

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