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So as kids we always wanted to be one, a celebrity of course. We usually got asked what we wanted to be when we got older. Most responses were "singer, super hero, pro baseball player... Ect

when we got older we realized it wouldn't happen. And we had to have a reasonable career. Then it was all " I want to be a veterinarian, or chief."

Most people never wanted to work at a fast food place. But it's not really a choice. In this economy we need money. And as drake once said " started at the bottem not we're here." He started at the bottem once.

Now the famous and the rich are like the only people that matter to us. They're all over Twitter and TV. don't let someone tell you, you can't be like them one day. Because we all come into this world the same way. And we all leave, leaving a mark. What will your mark be?

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