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hey Oddimaginator here, and you can guess from reading the title that I'm going

to be talking about Jaiden animations! She is very funny and kid friendly and dope! She is part of the animation squad. She animates about her life stories and makes them hilarious, she animates for ihascupquake and she does speedarts with theOdd1outs (one of the other members in the animation squad).

She is shy and tends to be nervous around people, and calls herself 'awkward' and 'anxious' although she has gotten better at socializing with people. She has a pet bird named Ari and no it is not named after where she lives (Arizona). In a video she talks about her living with Ari and how she lives with Ari and what she does with Ari. In another video she talks about Ari's birthday and what she did. personally one of my favorite animations is parent stories. She once did a 1 week vegan challenge with James, where they tried Vegan foods.

Well this all I can talk about and the next blog will be about theodd1out! See you guys next time!

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