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In the year of the remaster it seems some titles can become lost in the haze, becoming stranded amongst the mass number of remastered titles that will soon be appearing across our consoles. The showcase recently announced the remastering of and the world went insane. The anticipation and hype was so high that some of the other titles that were given were immediately overlooked, especially .

Chop Chop Master Onion:

The cult title won fame and notoriety with its original release on the Playstation One. People adored the funky and upbeat style that the game resented and instantly grew fond of the playing style. It ran like any Dance Dance Revolution style game, you hit combos that ran across the screen with the adjacent buttons. Hit the co,dos correctly and with the right timing and you'd score high with PaRappa singing perfectly, miss them and he'd go off key thus decreasing your overall score.

Sounds simple enough right? The fans agreed and bought the game in large numbers. Sony have clearly looked into their archive and noticed. Hence, the announcement that PaRappa The Rapper, Locoroco and Patron would be returning in 2017. All three titles are being released with updated 4K graphics and can be supported by the . Additional features will be included that will utilise the Playstation's Dual-shock 4 controller, such as a metronome that allows the controller to vibrate along in time with PaRappa The Rapper's music. A playable demo of PaRappa The Rapper is currently available on the Store for those who want to give the game a try before purchasing.

I Gotta Believe:

This is certainly a great way to celebrate the 20th anniversary of PaRappa's original release. The two new features are certainly going to change the way the game can be played, but not enough to deter away from the original premise. The "Feel The Beat" option will include the metronome in the controller and "See the Beat" allows the players icon to grow when the player presses any button during a songs playback which will help the player gain visual feedback as to how they are performing whilst they are playing.

I am certainly excited to see all these three return and hope they arrive sooner rather than later. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments.

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