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How in the hell did this happen?

Look, I'm not gonna bullshit you. The Transformers films are an absolute anomaly to me. Not that their plots are overly complicated and have deep complex meanings. If that were the case, I don't think we'd still be getting them. What I mean to say is; how the fuck do these pieces of shits still keep getting made? Well the obvious answer is the money they pull in; but we all know these movies aren't good right? I mean, just look at what Rotten Tomatoes has to say, even the animated one from the 80s has a 55%. I must admit though, I have seen every Transformers film within the first few days of it's release in theaters. Why, you ask? Well, to be completely honest, I don't mind the first and third entries in the series. The second film makes me wonder why the fuck I ever liked the idea of Transformers movies. However, the fourth one is especially shitty. One plot line just leaves in the middle of the final battle sequence, Optimus Prime is an absolute asshole through the entire film and the Autobots are the most disorganized group of robot soldiers I've ever seen. Do I even need to mention the scene where they explain the legal justification for a male in his early 20s to sleep with a teenager? What about the slavery joke they make within the first half hour of the film?

If you're done googling the things I stated before in disbelief, then lets take a trip down the rabbit hole one more time. Michael Bay seems to have not given up on his franchise with the announcement of Transformers: The Last Knight. The trailer dropped about a month ago, however today we're gonna breakdown the most exciting and certainly questionable scenes from it.

A Dark New Take

What's that I hear, could it be Anthony Hopkins voice over? It is! Following the charge into battle, we see a three headed robotic dragon flying next to a cliff. The only thing I have going through my head right now is, what the fuck could the plot of this movie be about?

It seems as if Michael Bay wants to take the Transformers to the extreme this time around. I honestly think this is one of his better ideas. But do we need it to be beat over our heads? Just look at this:

It's almost as if the bloody crucifix wasn't enough to make it clear that we're in for a dark tale.

A Changed World

Judging by these shots here, we can see that Transformers: The Last Knight represents a very different world. From the debris lying around and what looks like to be a struggling Autobot. I think it's safe to say that The Autobots lost some kind of war, or judging by Sir Anthony Hopkins narration, all Transformers have lost the war.

What Happened To Optimus Prime?

If you're still paying attention to Anthony Hopkins, his answer is; "Optimus Prime has left us". Not according to what I'm seeing here. I know I said before that Optimus Prime was nothing but an asshole in the last installation of the series, but really? He just left? Then you're gonna show me this? Don't get me wrong, I'm interested to see how it plays out. But seriously, the immediate contradiction of voice over and visual aide tells me all I need to know about this movie.

Marky Mark and Funky Bots

Moving forward we finally get our first glimpse of our hero in this next installment, Cade Yager. I'm curious to see what role he'll play in the film. At the end of Age of Extinction, Yager and Co. we're invited to work for Stanley Tucci to help pay for barely legal Lady Yager to go to college. Does Cade still work for that company? I sure hope he doesn't, I think it would be great if he was left jobless again with no explanation. It would certainly fit the bill as Transformers films don't feel the need to explain most things.


This is the part of the trailer where shit starts to turn up a bit. We get a great sense of scope from these scenes here. We even get to see Bumblebee in action.

Wonderful, absolutely wonderful. I didn't know that they had brought back Josh Duhamel for this film. To me, that's a plus. Duhamel has a lot of charisma and gives a lot of depth to his characters, even if he doesn't mean too. His natural instinct as an actor has always shined through in these movies. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for Marky Mark as he has a very generic line with; "we're not giving up, okay?" Are they trying as hard as they can to just make him the most bland character in the film? Only time will tell.

No Really, What The Fuck Happened To Optimus Prime?

Remember when I said Optimus Prime was an asshole in the previous installment? Well, it seems not much has changed. As far as I could tell, although the metal mad man above was absolutely unhinged in Age of Extinction, he wasn't trying to kill his soldiers. Growing up watching the Transformers cartoons and having the toys, Optimus Prime was the epitome of heroism. But here, after the insanely cliche "Oh my god" from the new barely legal tale, we get this scene.

It was already enough to see Optimus Prime floating in space like a big robotic icicle. But then we're thrown for another loop with not only his spoiled return; but his betrayal? Alright, now I'm interested. I know it's gonna be something stupid where he's been hacked, mind controlled, etc. But, to see Optimus Prime full on table top Bumblebee and then proceed to rip his armor off and stab him in the face, that's something worth watching. Who knows, maybe Bumblebee is the one who is fighting for the wrong side here? Life is all about perspective, isn't it?

In The End, Do We Need Another Transformers Movie?

Like I said before, I saw all the Transformers movies in theaters within the first few days of their wide release. That being said, I can tell you straight up, we don't need another one. However, from the looks of it we don't really have a choice in the matter. So I'll just accept the fact that we're gonna get another movie that will look absolutely amazing, have terrible writing and story issues, followed by the inevitable mediocre acting and then wrapped with a little red bow that says, "don't forget all the fucking explosions".

To sum it all up, this movie is gonna make a lot of money and is going to be the same exact thing as the last four installments in the series. With Michael Bay at the helm, the franchise has no room to grow and become something really spectacular. The one thing Transformers films have over everything else is their action, but at this point, I'm really done watching stuff blow up for two and a half hour involving robots. Give me something with meaning. What about an examination of how the Transformers are really more human then we could imagine? Why can't we see some kind of growth with these characters? Bumblebee still talks shit through a radio, Optimus Prime's mental capacity seems to have shrunk since Dark of the Moon. I wonder what the magical artifact they'll need to find to stop whatever invading force is the enemy this time. Like I said before though, only time will tell and we can all find out together on June 23rd when Transformers: The Last Knight hits theaters.

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