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For those of you who've been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you may have missed the gaming phenomenon of 2016, Pokemon Go, slowly taking over the lives of every phone-wielding human on the planet. The world actually seems to have become inhabited solely by budding Pokemon trainers; I for one can't walk down the street without my girlfriend whipping out her phone to grab supplies from a nearby Pokestop, or simply just disappearing as she detours to get the supplies from a different one a few hundred meters away.

Well, a Youtuber going by the name of 'Whisky and Waffles' (an excellent combination, may I add) has just uploaded a hilarious video of a Pokemon Go prank captured on Venice Beach, Los Angeles.

In the video, JC (one of the pranksters) pretends to catch a Pokemon, ignoring his pretend girlfriend as he does it. You can see the aftermath of this terrible lapse of judgement in the video below:

My personal favorite bit is when some random guy shouts over "There's an Onix nearby!", because if an Onix was actually nearby then to be honest I'd be running miles away from my girlfriend to catch it!

If this happened in real life (which I presume it has, Pokemon Go is an international obsession after all) then I can imagine it going pretty much the same way. But hey, you could always try throwing a master ball at whoever dumped you!

So, next time you're in public, ignoring your partner for Pokemon Go, just remember that relationships can be fixed and romance can be rekindled, but you're probably never gonna get a chance to catch that Charizard again...

Pikachu's face represents me when a Pokemon breaks free